Turn a bathtub into a shower

Tired of your stained, damaged or outdated tub and shower? Bath ReDesign can create the luxurious bathroom experience you’ve always dreamed of. Customize your bathroom with our easy to clean wrap bath products and accessories designed to suit every individual need in bathroom decor.

Tired of your old tub? No problem…. we can help. Turn your old tub into a luxurious shower with Bath ReDesign. Our tub-to-shower conversions can be suited to fill your every need and want in the ultimate bathroom experience. Unlike major bathroom renovations, our conversations can usually be completed in as little as two to three days giving you the look of a full remodel for a faction of the cost. How do we do it? We’ve specially designed our shower with a low maintenance, stylist design and choice of color surround which can be quickly installed giving you the look of a new modern bathroom. Our affordable installation can be financed and gives a timely, easy facelift to your bathroom.

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Free professional design team

A new bathroom in as little as 3 days

Cost starts at $8,999

See what cooperation with us looks like

You can contact us in many ways, but the most effective is by phone.

During the first meeting, we get to know your needs. They are the most important in any project. In addition, we get acquainted with the current state of your bathroom.

We already know everything, so we have prepared a project for you with a quote. The valuation also includes the work schedule and possible extras.

The contract is signed and we get to work. You don’t have to worry about anything, we’ll take care of everything.

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Safety and Accessibility

Want to replace your bathtub with a beautiful new shower? Bath ReDesign can open up the bathroom space giving you a handi-capable low threshold which is easy to navigate. Our shower wrap surround systems have many patterns, colors and designs to choose from, transforming your old bathtub into a modern, easy-to-enter shower. Easy grip handicap bars and handles can be custom placed exactly where you need them. Custom seating is also available for a safe and luxurious shower experience. Our designers can help you make the perfect selection for your individual needs.

Low Maintenance - Easy Cleaning

Reduce the cleaning headache with our modern, low-maintenance, bathrooms. Bath ReDesign can replace your old bathroom with a new, hygienic, mold-resistant, tub or shower surround creating a restful, easy-to clean space that will last for years to come.

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